Guide to the Cinque Terre


  1. Visit in 1 day
  2. Visit in 3 days

If you arrive at the Cinque Terre from the south or east (for example from Rome, Florence, Pisa, Parma, Venice) you will need to get to La Spezia and take a regional train from there to the nearest village, Riomaggiore (8 minutes). Your journey to the Cinque Terre starts here.

Reaching the Cinque Terre from the north (for example from Milan or from Genoa) you can arrive directly in one of the villages of the Cinque Terre, starting logically from Monterosso.

All the villages of the Cinque Terre are connected by the rail network and footpaths. There are several hiking trails between the villages. The shortest, which runs along the sea, can sometimes be closed due to rain and landslides. But if you are thinking of walking the Cinque Terre in one day you will have to use the train for most of it.

Article was last updated in June, 2024.

What to see in a day?


After visiting the village, don’t forget to see the Path of Love. If it is open, we advise you to walk along the path to the next village, Manarola. Information on the conditions of the trail is available on this page.

You can find more information on the village, its places of interest, photographs and a map on the page: Riomaggiore.


The village not to be missed! The promenade along the seafront offers a beautiful panorama for photographs.

More information: Manarola.


Often it is not included in the program for a one-day visit to the Cinque Terre.

More information: Corniglia.


A very beautiful village that you absolutely should see. We also advise you to savor the local cuisine in one of the restaurants nearby. Or enjoy a “low-cost” option: get a takeaway pizza on the seafront and eat it on the rocks at the beach as you enjoy the view of the sea.

More information: Vernazza.


The largest locality of the Cinque Terre, worth a visit if you have time.

More information: Monterosso.

More than three days in the Cinque Terre

Start by defining what you are interested in from the options listed below.

Pedestrian Tourism

While staying in the Cinque Terre you must walk at least one pedestrian trail. Many people who love trekking come here, because the Cinque Terre has an abundance of hiking trails. If the easiest or shortest one is closed, you will always find another trail that connects the hamlets closest to each other. The trails higher up, that go across the hilltops have the advantage of offering lovely views of the Ligurian coast and are always open.

We advise you to go trekking in the same day, because you must purchase the Cinque Terre Card (price in 2024: €7.50), valid for one day only, to do the shortest tracks. Attention! Prices may be doubled in high season.

More information: Hiking Trails.

The Cinque Terre by sea

Getting around by boat is expensive (prices are indicated on the page “By boat”), but the cost is worth it. Spend a day doing a trip by boat, leaving in the morning for Porto Venere. The day ticket includes an excursion around the three islands, and the last run leaves at lunchtime.

Visiting the villages of the Cinque Terre

If you use one of the options mentioned above to move around the Cinque Terre, you had already visited several villages. But if you do not want to get around on foot or spend money for the boat, you can visit the Cinque Terre by train and spend the rest of the time on the Ligurian beaches.

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