How to get to the Cinque Terre

There are three excellent means of transport to take you to the Cinque Terre which are very popular with tourists: the train, plane and car. How to use the train in Liguria, where to get off and why it is better not to go by car to the Cinque Terre: read more.

Article was last updated in May, 2024.


Rail is the preferred means of transport for tourists in the Cinque Terre. In this region public inter-urban transport is praised by all, locals and tourists alike. And for good reason, since virtually all the regional trains in Liguria pass through many cities and even the villages of the Cinque Terre (for getting around by train in the Cinque Terre, read the page “By train”).

Tourists can buy tickets directly at the station and along the way can enjoy the landscapes of Italy from the train windows. It is necessary to book in advance only for trips lasting more than 3 hours (more information on prices and schedules on the website).

Since tickets are not sold in advance, you sometimes do not see the prices of all trains. But you can get to know the price of the trip by checking on the same journey in coming weeks. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that the timetable for certain periods may not appear in advance. Generally speaking, there will be radical changes to the train timetable only in July and December.


Are you arriving by plane from distant places? You should fly to Genoa or Pisa, the nearest airports to the Cinque Terre and from where trains depart to take you there. You can also fly to Bologna, Milan and Florence. In any case don’t be in a hurry to reach the Cinque Terre! You can also discover Italy in the cities mentioned above. We recommend that you devote some time to visit these cities.

We suggest searching for tickets on the Sky Scanner website.


The greatest problem in the Cinque Terre is the limited amount of parking and the large number of cars. For this reason we suggest you leave your car in a nearby parking area and continue on foot or by public transport. We are aware that it is not always easy to find cheap parking in the vicinity and since it is the faster means of transport, the car is a good idea only for certain routes. We remind you that: renting a car online costs about 30% less. We advise you to try on Rental Cars.

You can also find more information on travel by car in the Cinque Terre and the list of all parking areas at the page “By car”.

Map of the train stations and airports near Cinque Terre

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