Among all the villages of the Cinque Terre, Corniglia is the one less visited by tourists. This is only because it is the smallest village and the most difficult to reach compared to the others. But its location is very special: in fact, from the panoramic observation points in Corniglia you get a close up view of the multicolored houses sitting on top of each other along the mountain chain close to the sea.

Article was last updated in May, 2024.

The view of the station and stairway by drone, Corniglia, Italy
The view of the station and stairway by drone
The view from the trail to Volastra, Corniglia, Italy
The view from the trail to Volastra
The view from San Bernardino, Corniglia, Italy
The view from San Bernardino

How to reach Corniglia and get around

By train

The ideal way to get to Corniglia is by train. You will have to climb 382 steps from the train station to get to the center of Corniglia or take the bus. For further information on prices and timetables, refer to the page “By train”.

By boat

Corniglia is the only village of the Cinque Terre without a marina.

By foot

You can reach Corniglia on foot, strolling from Manarola or Vernazza. Corniglia is situated on the top of a hill, so be prepared to climb. More information on the page “Cinque Terre Hiking Trails”.

By car

It is not recommended to go by car to Corniglia. Although there is a parking lot 500 meters from the village, the road to Corniglia is very winding, very narrow and damaged by landslides in parts.

What to see in Corniglia

Main square, Corniglia, Italy
Main square
Stairway to the station, Corniglia, Italy
Stairway to the station

Walk along 1via Fieschi, the main street of the village: any local can explain how to get there! It runs through 2Piazza Largo Taragio, passes the shops selling local delicacies and leads to the 3terrace of Santa Maria. Enjoy an admiring look at the architecture of Piazza Largo Taragio with the 2Monument to the Fallen and the Cappella dei Flagellanti of Santa Caterina. The beaches in Corniglia are also very popular for a walk. You descend a stairway to reach them and the beaches suddenly appear like a collection of stone slabs thrown randomly near the sea.

What to see near Corniglia

Dark tunnel to Guvano (nudist free beach), Corniglia, Italy
Dark tunnel to Guvano (nudist free beach)

Beyond the boundaries of Corniglia is a place called 4Guvano, a nudist beach which can be accessed only via an unlit tunnel one kilometer long. The walk itself to get to Guvano will be unforgettable! You can also visit San Bernardino, the hamlet where you will find the main church of Corniglia, the 5Sanctuary of Nostra Signora delle Grazie; but it is much easier to get to San Bernardino if you leave from Vernazza.

Where to stay in Corniglia?

Staying in the mountain village of Corniglia, where hotels are slightly cheaper than the rest of the Cinque Terre, will be the solution for tourists with a small budget. You can see some accommodation options on this site and book your hotel room in advance!

Corte Del Gallo, Italy

Corte Del Gallo

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Rating: Wonderful, 9.3.
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La Torre Apartments, Italy

La Torre Apartments

Price: low.
Rating: Good, 7.9.
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Rossi Tramonti sul Mare, Italy

Rossi Tramonti sul Mare

Price: affordable.
Rating: Excellent, 8.6.
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Or you can compare some of the hotels based on the comments from tourists and at the prices indicated on this page.

When to visit Corniglia

If Corniglia is included in your list of places to visit when traveling to the Cinque Terre, try to do it in the tourist season of this area, i.e. from mid-March to late October.

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