The town of Levanto, which is not part of the Cinque Terre, is a “transit point” for people traveling via Genoa to reach the Cinque Terre. But many will stop at Levanto longer, because staying here is more economical: there are beaches and it’s very close to the villages of the Cinque Terre.

Article was last updated in June, 2024.

The beach in the spring, Levanto, Italy
The beach in the spring
Ticket office at the station, Levanto, Italy
Ticket office at the station
Tourist office at the station, Levanto, Italy
Tourist office at the station

How to reach Levanto and get around

By train

Tourists on holiday in Levanto use the train, especially if they expect to visit the Cinque Terre, because it is the most convenient means of transport. For prices and timetables see the page “By train”.

By boat

Of all the forms of transport to Levanto, the most unreliable, according to comments, is the boat. They are very infrequent and runs are often canceled. However, you can only get to Levanto by boat from the Cinque Terre villages.

By car

Tourists traveling along the Ligurian coast by car can leave it at Levanto: parking here is more economical (2 euro/h, not more than 15 euro/day) and there is plenty of parking throughout the town.
Suggestion for the driver: travel right into the center of Levanto and you will be close to the train station, which is impossible not to notice, and you will come across the first of the car parks around that area.

What to see in Levanto

The beach, Levanto, Italy

Every tourist will tell you that there are not many places of interest in Levanto. This is a historical place, so there are mainly religious and defensive buildings (churches, monasteries and castles). 1Walk down Via Roma, the main street, and go to the 2beach. Levanto’s main attractions are the footpaths, because many of the most popular walks depart from this small but pleasant town.

Footpaths near Levanto

Trail from Levanto to Bonassola, Cinque Terre, Italy
Trail from Levanto to Bonassola
Trail from Levanto to Bonassola, Cinque Terre, Italy
Trail from Levanto to Bonassola

Levanto – Monterosso

Along this footpath you can reach Punta Mesco in a couple of hours. It is a fascinating observation point. If you walk for another hour, you will reach Monterosso. But the most picturesque is the one that goes from Levanto to Punta Mesco.

Levanto – Bonassola

A footpath leads to Bonassola, a village not far from Levanto. This trail is very picturesque and it passes through a formerly abandoned and now renovated tunnel. Along the path to Bonassola, you can also go down to unspoilt beaches.

Levanto – Framura

Beyond Bonassola is the peaceful and secluded village of Framura, sitting on the rough rocky hills in the midst of unspoiled nature. This place is very tiny. The path that leads you through the same tunnel is very beautiful.

Where to stay in Levanto?

The accommodation here will satisfy the needs of all tourists: the hotels in Levanto are cheaper than in the Cinque Terre. For this very reason some people prefer to stay in Levanto and travel by train to the villages of the Cinque Terre (it takes 4 minutes to reach Monterosso).

Park Hotel Argento, Italy

Park Hotel Argento

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Al Terra Di Mare, Italy

Al Terra Di Mare

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Porticciolo apartment for 5 persons, Italy

Porticciolo apartment for 5 persons

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